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In Toronto’s highly competitive market, consumers are met with an abundance of ads, promos, and sales pitches. They expect brands to tell them what makes their products the best. But for 95% of B2B customers , the basic sales pitch isn’t enough: they view content — value-added blogs and educational content — as an indicator of trust when evaluating a business.

With email campaigns and educational content accounting for 87% and 77% of content marketing strategies respectively, 79% of marketers leverage content marketing to generate high-quality leads. Now is your chance to get in on their success.

Discover the benefits of content marketing in Toronto, with a leading strategy designed by the best agency among the hundreds in Toronto. Unlock the power of an engaged, loyal customer base with trending content.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the future of sales and marketing: rather than telling customers about your latest offer, you show them its value. It’s all about rising above the noise of ads and the standard sales pitch. With the right content marketing strategy, conversion is just the first step. The ultimate goal is lasting trust.

This means reaching a focused, clearly defined audience with value-added content pieces like blogs, how-to guides, shopping guides, and other value-added resources that demonstrate exactly what your best offerings can do for them and how . It’s no longer just telling customers what to buy but encouraging smart and informed shopping decisions — for as many repeat purchases and all-time high lifetime customer value.

Consultus Digital offers a comprehensive range of content marketing programs in Toronto with a team of expert in-house writers who can create engaging content designed to meet your business goals. Content marketing is the process of creating different forms of digital media (such as videos , blogs, and infographics) that are meant to provide useful and relevant information while also promoting a brand’s products and services.

Why is content marketing important?

  • Content marketing is all about nurturing leads and creating pathways to conversion and lasting trust — a fact that 63% of content marketers employ in building loyalty among existing clients.
  • Content marketing delivers a very high ROI, costing 62% less than traditional marketing while generating up to thrice as many leads. Key content pieces like blogs produce 67% more leads monthly, with 57% of companies blogging for customer acquisition.
  • With over 7 hours a day spent consuming content, customers want content relevant to their interests and shopping decisions, resulting in email campaigns and educational content garnering 87% and 77% , respectively, among the most effective content marketing methods.
  • Content marketing builds your brand’s authority and credibility, showcasing in-depth industry knowledge that customers trust and factor into their shopping decisions.

Who needs content marketing?

Good content is at the heart of every digital marketing strategy . Simply, it’s your brand’s message and promise: it’s what you say to customers about what makes your business the best and how you say it.

Content marketing is built on this — it’s a consistent effort to distribute these relevant and useful messages to your brand’s target audience without the same old sales pitch. Instead, it’s a broader content strategy to deliver a value-added customer experience and build long-term trust. The bottom line is content marketing benefits every brand across different industries. See how:

  • Inbound sales: Stand out in a digital market saturated with ads. Smart customers make informed shopping decisions achieved through lead nurturing. Content marketing allows you to draw them in by offering relevant, useful, and targeted information at every stage of the shopping journey, nurturing long-term trust in the process.
  • Industry expertise: Showcase years of industry expertise through strategically curated content pieces. Build trust and authority in your brand with regularly published content highlighting industry trends and best practices, and demonstrate top-tier industry knowledge above your competitors.
  • Value-added product information: Increase lifetime customer value with relevant and helpful content. Publish blogs, how-to guides, and other extended product information that customers value, allowing you to generate and nurture inbound leads, and drive repeat purchases from satisfied customers.

The Consultus Digital Process

Consultus Digital is the leading content marketing agency in Toronto, offering completely bespoke content for any brand. Our team of in-house writers are highly experienced in optimizing content for SEO purposes while keeping it engaging and relevant to your customers. We achieve incredible results using our Consultus Method.

Topic Generation

The beginning of any well-executed content marketing campaign must involve detailed, relevant keyword research to determine which topics would be most effective to cover. We look at the search volume for many different topics related to your industry and then create a custom content calendar to show what content will be published and when.

Content Creation

Once all topics have been finalized and approved, our in-house content creation team gets to work on creating unique, engaging pieces for your brand. Every piece of content will be thoroughly checked for impeccable grammar, language, and structure to ensure maximum customer engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

After each piece is written and edited, our SEO team will ensure it is properly optimized for keywords your business wishes to rank for. The latest best practice techniques will be used to gain maximum crawlability by Google and generate as much traffic as possible for your site.

Social Sharing

Following your content being well optimized and published, our social team can ensure it reaches as many potential customers as possible by pushing it out across your various social media channels. This can increase engagement and encourage sharing of the blog, generating even more traction and conversions. If you are looking for the best content marketing agency Toronto has to offer, contact Consultus Digital today and give your brand an edge over the competition.

Is content marketing right for your business?

Yes — that’s the short answer. Content marketing is essential to your digital marketing strategy: it’s how you get the message out in ways that resonate and matter because of the value they deliver beyond the initial sales pitch. See how content marketing helps you nurture leads and generate conversions, all because of motivating customers to make informed decisions:

  • Brand authority: Content marketing establishes brand authority and industry credibility. It allows you to demonstrate industry expertise and build trust among target audiences who look to industry leaders like you for smart shopping decisions in line with up-and-coming trends.
  • Inbound leads: Content marketing is sales without the overt sales pitch. It makes it highly appealing to customers bombarded with ads and looking for specific products that target their needs, driving them to convert after engaging with highly engaging content. Best performing content includes articles and reviews that highlight the unique value proposition of your products and overall brand, and demonstrate alignment with customers’ needs.
  • Indirect conversions: Good content can generate conversions in unexpected places. A customer may interact with a blog or guide and see related recommended products that meet their additional or future shopping needs.
  • Website traffic: 72% of marketers say content creation is their best SEO tactic, which they continuously leverage through value-added content marketing, especially long after setting up and optimizing product and service pages. Essentially, content marketing generates fresh content that attracts new visitors to your website and boosts rankings and traffic.

How much does content marketing cost?

Content marketing is a long-term investment in the success of your digital marketing strategy and overall brand awareness and revenue goals. It’s a continuous effort for promoting your brand and the value of your unique offerings — and it only gets more creative and engaging as you explore various content formats and grow your business. The best part is it costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads.

Learn more about what you’re investing in with a content marketing agency in Toronto:

  • Type of content: Good content engages audiences in many ways. There’s more to it than just throwing information at readers. Instead, it’s about delivering timely and relevant information to target audiences in the most relevant formats, ranging from blogs and guides to infographics, case studies, videos, ebooks, interactive content, and more.
  • Complexity: High-quality content requires research and creativity to highlight your brand’s unique value propositions. To keep audiences engaged, you’ll need a full editorial calendar, complete with time allocated to research, analysis, and strategy planning. Depending on the type of content, you may also need custom graphics to reinforce brand identity and awareness.
  • Volume and frequency: How often do you want to engage customers? The answer is, constantly. With lower costs and higher ROI than traditional ads, content marketing allows you to regularly engage target audiences with frequent content publishing and drive conversions from relevant and timely content shared across digital channels.

What can you expect from content marketing?

Content marketing is simple: the more value you provide target audiences, the more conversions you generate, and the stronger and longer-lasting their trust. The best part is it’s easy to track its impact, from website and social media analytics to actual revenue and lifetime customer value. Simply, content marketing helps you build a strong, fully transparent and traceable pipeline from views and clicks to conversions and sales.

  • Increased website traffic: Content marketing pulls target audiences in with increased search and social feed visibility, effectively drawing potential customers to your site upon interacting with a recent blog post, video, or downloadable resource. And with many customers following brands they’re most interested in, it’s increasingly common to see spikes in traffic with each new content piece.
  • Relevant traffic: More than views and clicks, content marketing delivers these conversion actions among clearly defined audiences interested in your brand and offers and likely to take action. It’s all because content marketing is a highly focused strategy for catering to their shopping needs and interests.
  • Qualified leads and conversions: Content marketing allows you to reach the right audiences who need your unique offerings. Simply, you’re not creating content for the sake of it — your entire content strategy is curated to their shopping habits and preferences. It drives more conversions as a result of this interest. Over time, this allows you to nurture leads and existing customer relationships, ultimately driving repeat purchases and increasing lifetime customer value.
  • Thought leadership: Content marketing builds your industry expertise. With an entire library of relevant, value-added product resources and industry trends, you become a certified industry leader that customers trust and value.

How can you tell good content marketing from bad content marketing?

With the wealth of digital platforms today, it’s easy to create content. But not all content is good: it takes a fresh content strategy to engage target audiences and leverage the power of effective content marketing in generating leads and conversions. See how the best content marketing agency in Toronto delivers good content that your audience can’t get enough of:

  • Focused: Effective content marketing is highly focused on the needs and interests of your target audience. Each content piece in your editorial calendar should fulfill set objectives and contribute to broader sales and marketing goals. Whether it’s to highlight your latest offer or compare products, a good content marketing strategy caters to these audience interests.
  • Visible: Content marketing makes your brand visible. It’s built with effective SEO strategies in mind, including keyword targeting and link-building. And since it’s focused on specific audience needs, its unique value proposition makes it shareable, ultimately increasing visibility and engagement.
  • Relevant: Good content is compelling — it meets the needs of target audiences. Whether it’s a blog that answers common customer questions, or a white paper that highlights industry trends and provides a professional resource that shapes major purchase decisions, it caters to audience needs in a timely manner. It drives conversions as these needs are met.
  • Credible: As an industry leader, your content needs to be credible. Thought leadership is built on long-term customer trust, nurtured through factual, relevant, and useful information. Content marketing allows you to demonstrate unique industry expertise, and highlight your experience in meeting evolving customer needs and industry trends.
  • Simple: Good content is simple—it’s engaging, real, and digestible. When these conditions are met, customers are inclined to take action and make informed shopping decisions, confident that they made the right choice in trusting your brand.

What to Look for When Hiring a Content Marketing Agency

There’s certainly no shortage of content marketing agencies in a major business hub like Toronto. But it takes the right partner agency to develop a focused and effective content marketing strategy and reap its benefit in increased audience engagement and customer value. Find a combination of creativity, digital marketing and sales focus , and data-driven insights, only with the best content marketing agency in Toronto:

  • Audience focus: Anyone can fill up a content calendar with general topics, but an expert content marketing agency tailors your editorial calendar to reflect only the most relevant and useful pieces. More than views and engagement, content marketing experts are driven by conversions and produce content purposefully.
  • Audience value: Your content marketing agency in Toronto goes beyond what interests customers. They know that’s a lot to work with, so they zero in on what delivers the most value, ultimately driving informed shopping decisions. They look at industry trends and evolving customer needs and create content that caters to these accordingly.
  • Creative: The best content marketing agencies get creative, from strategy to creation and design. They expertly weave your brand’s story in a content calendar filled with different topics and content formats, such as blogs, videos, guidebooks, downloadable resources, and more, expertly curated for audience engagement and maximum customer value.
  • Data-driven: Your Toronto content marketing agency should expertly leverage analytics. They track best-performing content pieces and provide a full view into engaging metrics. More importantly, they leverage these insights in future content publishing and continuously optimize your content strategy to increase engagement and conversions.

How to tell if your content marketing agency is doing a good job

  • They have a roster of content experts dedicated to understanding your industry, unique value propositions, and brand identity to produce credible and engaging content.
  • Your content marketing agency tracks key metrics like improved keyword rankings and increased relevant traffic and leads . They ensure the alignment of your content strategy with broader digital marketing and sales goals.
  • The most reputable content marketing agencies in Toronto are backed by a strong portfolio. They can demonstrate a history of producing results through case studies and testimonials , providing a preview of an excellent client experience.
  • The best content marketing agency demonstrates industry expertise. They do more than develop content — they do so in line with your broader digital marketing goals and offer related services seamlessly woven in one broader strategy for engagement, conversions, and revenue across digital channels .

What happens to my current content marketing service if I change providers?

Are you reinventing your content strategy with a leading content marketing agency in Toronto? Make it a smooth and seamless transition to better content, targeted audience engagement, and increased conversions. See how

  • Look for a content-first agency specializing in content marketing that offers a full suite of digital marketing services to leverage a fulsome, cohesive strategy.
  • Keep track of your digital assets, including website, social media, and analytics access. Make sure you own these accounts, so you can add or remove user permissions as you switch providers.
  • Notify your current content marketing agency of your intent to terminate the contract and provide ample time for the turnover of digital assets.
  • Work closely with your new content marketing agency to review your existing content strategy, engagement analytics, and conversion rates. Develop a new strategy collaboratively based on industry insights, digital marketing trends , and evolving customer needs.

What other services complement content marketing?

Content marketing is just one part of a robust, highly successful digital marketing strategy. Its success is built on a combination of best practices in creating and promoting content. Your content marketing strategy works best with these related digital marketing tools that ensure visibility, targeted distribution, and optimal user experience.

  • SEO : Content marketing works hand-in-hand with the best practices for SEO. This means optimizing all content to boost your keyword rankings for select topics and driving relevant website traffic. Simply, SEO allows good content to be found and entices clicks and conversions from target audiences on competitive searches.
  • Website development : Is your website optimized for a leading content library? Content marketing works best with website development, providing you with a functional platform for articles, videos, infographics, and more, accessible to target audiences through an optimal user experience to drive conversions.
  • Email marketing : Who’s your target audience? Content creation is only step one of successful content marketing. Its ultimate success is in effective, highly focused distribution to target audiences. Email marketing is one of the core strategies for engaging customers and nurturing leads with impactful content that links back to your website to drive conversions.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your content marketing agency?

At Consultus Digital , we create good content that converts. Our team of content marketing experts bring creativity and deep insight into customers’ needs to develop key messages that engage target audiences. Our philosophy is simple: we cut through the noise and focus on the value that only you can deliver. See how we create content that customers trust and drive informed shopping decisions:

  • Professional content creators: At Consultus Digital, we’re content experts at heart. Our team of professional content creators are guided by deep knowledge of the shopping journey and everything that informs it — whether it’s a handy infographic or a product comparison blog. Backed by the latest trends in content marketing, we know what types of value-added information drive shopping decisions and move customers along the sales funnel.
  • Your own content expert: Find out what motivates your customers to buy, what they respond to, and their evolving habits and preferences. With Consultus, you’ll work closely with a dedicated account manager — your own content expert who combines specific industry knowledge with content marketing expertise. Stay in the loop with actionable insights and an evolving strategy as new best-performing content formats and trends emerge.
  • A complete content marketing strategy: Get a complete content marketing strategy with a full suite of digital marketing services . You can count on us to ensure maximum visibility and impact through tailored distribution and promotion across your digital channels, so you’re always reaching and engaging the right audience. Discover a complete suite of web design , SEO , email marketing, and social media management services for successful content creation and promotion.

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