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MARKETING SERVICE | Facebook Advertising

With over 2 billion active users monthly — 19 million Canadians among them — Facebook is easily the largest and single most important social media platform. Businesses can unlock massive opportunities with this platform if leveraged correctly.

From connecting with family and friends, to discovering new products and shopping on the platform, it’s where your customers are, and your next sale. With its unrivalled audience share, powerful targeting tools, and creative ad formats, Facebook advertising makes it easy to connect with customers and earn the highest ROI among all paid advertising channels.

Facebook advertising offers an unprecedented level of demographic targeting. It can uniquely do what no other platform can because it has been the largest collector of user information and behaviour. Whether you have a service, a product, or something new — Facebook ads can be highly effective at serving ads to your key customer profile.


What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising, or Facebook ads, is the marketing platform available on the social media network Facebook. It consists of paid visual ads placed on users’ timelines and the side of their feeds. The ads can appear on both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

Unlike Google Ads , Facebook ads can also integrate Instagram advertising following Facebook’s purchase of Instagram in 2012. This means advertisers can set up a single advertising campaign that will display across both Facebook and Instagram, eliminating the need to create two separate campaigns.

Facebook advertising allows businesses to tap into the unlimited data the social media giant has on its users to create highly targeted and effective ads with high conversion potential.

Why is Facebook advertising important?

With over 19 million Canadians on Facebook, brands ignore the social media platform at their own peril. Its deep targeting capabilities, coupled with a broad range of ad formats and relative cost-effectiveness, make Facebook advertising a must for many different brands.

Facebook ads attempt to blend seamlessly into the user experience, which has been shown to enhance click-through rates and conversions. By targeting people across both Facebook and Instagram with a coordinated campaign, there is a greater chance of becoming the top-of-mind brand in your target consumers’ minds as well. Facebook advertising is an effective tool for engaging with your audience, driving new customer traffic, and maintaining a competitive edge.

Facebook advertising’s strength isn’t just in audience numbers — it’s Facebook’s ability to cultivate user behaviour for brand visibility, customer engagement, and shopping. Here’s how:

  • Users spend 34 minutes on the platform every day, clicking on 12 ads monthly
  • 62% report interest in a product after seeing a video on Facebook
  • 49% of B2B decision-makers use Facebook for research
  • Facebook ads include video and photo, and are served across the Facebook ecosystem that includes Instagram.

Who needs Facebook advertising?

Facebook’s massive audience share is enough to convince any brand of its potential to reach more customers. But the real power of Facebook Advertising is in its powerful demographic targeting that allows you to tailor ads for various ages, genders, locations, occupations, and other indicators of shopping preferences. Take a look at these user stats and targeting options;

  • 62% of Facebook users are between 18–34 . 38% are 35–65, with baby boomers the fastest-growing segment.
  • Facebook Advertising benefits both B2C and B2B brands with the right targeting, ad formats, and messaging
  • Beyond basic demographic targeting, Facebook Advertising supports psychographic targeting , allowing you to reach customer segments based on interests, life events, browsing behaviours , and other useful indicators of shopping preferences.
  • Facebook ads are available in multiple creatives, including photo and video, carousels, collections, and canvasses . Choose from different CTA options, such as viewing and liking your page, sending a message, or shopping directly.

How many Facebook agencies are there in Toronto and Canada?

Your most successful Facebook ads campaign is just a few clicks away. With many Facebook ad agencies in Toronto — and Facebook offices right here, and across other major Canadian cities, including Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa — there’s a wealth of resources around you. All it takes is a Facebook partner with a proven portfolio of successful campaigns and the drive to stay ahead of trends.

The Consultus Digital Process

Consultus Digital is one of the leading Facebook advertising agencies in Toronto. We pride ourselves on crafting unique, highly effective campaigns for every client we work with. In order to maximize your return on investment and the impact of your campaign, we follow a tried and tested process.


At Consultus Digital , we create social advertising plans that are founded in context. We need to know about your business, customers, product and/or service, competitive marketplace, value propositions, and buyer personas. Based on this information, we understand the context needed to leverage the Facebook Ad platform to your benefit.


Facebook ads are primarily visual, relying on eye-catching images with effective ad copy to generate clicks. Our team of experts are highly experienced in creating exceptional images and copy that will catch your audience’s attention and help drive conversions. By having these services in-house, we are able to maintain strict quality controls and meet tight deadlines every time.


We have a vast amount of experience in capitalizing on the ability to leverage Facebook ads to meet the goals of any business. We take pride in delivering the best ROI for one of the most effective online marketing strategies to target a very specific key target demographic no matter the vertical. By getting to know your business well, we can tailor your targeting strategy only towards the customers you truly want and who are likely to convert. This will keep your cost per lead low and your new sales high.


Keeping a close eye on your costs and reach while your campaign is live is vital to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Your dedicated Account Manager monitors your Facebook ads daily to ensure you are targeting the right people and generating new business. Once your campaign has finished, we create comprehensive reports on exactly how many clicks and leads were generated. We then put together actionable recommendations for any future campaigns to help further your business’s continued growth.


How do Facebook ads work?

The Facebook ads platform is an intuitive and highly customizable social media marketing platform that is the primary hub for designing and launching Facebook ads campaigns. There are a variety of different ad types that are available, depending on your budget and desired outcomes.

These include:

  • Page Post Engagement Ads
  • Page Like Ads
  • Website Conversions
  • Event Response Ads
  • Offer Claim Ads
  • Video Views
  • Local Awareness Ads
  • The Carousel Format
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Canvas Ads

Each ad type offers different and unique benefits, such as increased interactivity, the ability to display various products, attract different user actions, and more. A good Facebook advertising campaign usually leverages multiple different types to achieve the best outcomes.

Facebook advertising utilizes the vast bank of Facebook users’ data to allow for extremely precise targeting within its networks. These targeting options include:

  • Location
  • Education levels, institutions, etc.
  • Interests
  • Behaviour
  • Connections
  • Custom Audience

Is Facebook advertising right for your business?

With generally low advertising costs, massive audience share, and powerful customer targeting capabilities, Facebook Advertising certainly is one of the most rewarding paid advertising channels.

And while both B2C and B2B brands stand to benefit from increased customer engagement and sales, there are some standout industries that are built to succeed on the platform:

  • Fashion
  • Auto
  • E-commerce
  • Food and drink
  • Travel
  • Nonprofit
  • FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods).

What do these industries have in common? They’re all highly visual, always in-demand, and sell customers on a total lifestyle experience.

Food, fashion, and e-commerce retail, in particular, are popular shopping goods: they’re visually appealing with distinct brand identities, with products customers can shop just by clicking on an ad. Similarly, travel and nonprofits are aspirational: they appeal to users’ interests and attitudes through feel-good, shareable content — a total lifestyle.

Didn’t make the list? Don’t fret. Facebook Advertising’s targeting tools are immensely powerful. A Facebook ad agency can help you leverage these tools and reach the right customer segments looking for products like yours. And as Facebook’s audience share continues to grow, new markets are always poised to emerge, allowing you to reach customers who weren’t previously shopping on the platform.


How much do Facebook ads cost?

Facebook advertising’s biggest success is keeping costs low, with the highest ROI among paid advertising channels. Wondering just how low?

On average, ads cost just $0.97 per click and $7.19 per 1000 impressions. For campaigns focused on growing likes or boosting app downloads, these cost $1.07 and $5.47 on average. With these unbeatable costs, most brands spend only as little as $200 to $800 a month on Facebook ads, while bigger ones scale up to $5000.

The best part is, you’re in full control of your ad spend. Facebook ad costs are typically determined by the audience you want to reach, average bid, ad objective, placement, ad quality, season, and industry. These factors allow small businesses to compete in competitive markets like Toronto, with rewarding ROIs, even on small budgets.

And while you could set these parameters in just a few clicks, the real score is in the quality of your campaign. With the help of a Facebook ads agency, you can maximize every dollar for every click, like, and impression.

From strategy, designing creatives and copywriting, to tracking and optimization, full-service ad campaign management makes all the difference. Thanks to a dedicated account manager, regular reporting, and industry insights, you won’t be second-guessing ad bids and audience targeting, because they’re all backed by proven expertise.

What can you expect from Facebook ads?

Thanks to low-cost clicks, engagement, and high ROIs, Facebook’s advertising services are the clear choice for promoting products and launching new offers. Add powerful audience targeting tools and compelling creatives, and you can easily compete in markets like Toronto along with bigger brands.

Check out some of the most crucial benefits of Facebook ads — and why you’re missing out on sales with every minute that you’re not yet running a campaign:

  • High click-through rates , indicating a seamless user experience that enables conversions
  • A single, unified platform and campaign for both Facebook and Instagram audiences, potentially reaching twice as many users
  • Boosts website traffic with effective CTAs, resulting in increased leads, sales, and revenue
  • Real-time, measurable results for constant optimization based on new trends and customer acquisition
  • Works quickly and serves ads right away , boosting brand awareness instantly
  • Drive engagement and repeat business by staying on top of customers’ feeds with a cohesive paid and organic strategy, and increases opportunities for word-of-mouth and referrals
  • You set your ad spend, with the opportunity to deliver results on any budget .

How can you tell good Facebook ads from bad Facebook ads?

Not all Facebook ads were created equally, and perform at the same rate. With Facebook increasingly putting a premium on good customer experiences, you need high-quality ads to drive conversions and make meaningful connections. Avoid reduced distribution and multiple flags that impact the rest of your campaigns and long-term Facebook advertising performance.

Here are some tell-tale signs of low-quality ads to avoid:

  • Engagement bait , such as spammy content
  • Purposely withholding information to entice clicks
  • Sensationalized copy , such as exaggerated headlines that don’t match the information on the landing page.

Check out what makes a good Facebook ad to guide your campaigns:

  • Targeted and relevant to a specific audience poised to interact with your brand and buy
  • Highly visual and maximizes a variety of best-performing creatives , including photo , video , carousels, and more, with copy that is closely aligned
  • Has a clear call-to-action , such as a button to click or landing page to redirect for more information or to make a purchase, with compelling copy that entices clicks and eventual buys.

What to look for when hiring a Facebook advertising agency

Clicking around Facebook’s advertising platform might get you to launch a campaign, but an expert-led, trustworthy Facebook advertising agency makes all the difference. From full-service campaign management to industry insights, a Facebook ads agency offers a complete, hassle-free package. Now, you can sit back and focus on your business, while your ads run seamlessly and deliver more customers.

With hundreds of Facebook advertising agencies across Toronto and Canada, make the smart choice with these winning factors:

  • Facebook Partner : Certified Facebook Marketing Partners earn this distinction through a proven record of successful campaigns and deep industry knowledge of Facebook Advertising tools and best practices.
  • Real Advertising Experience : They don’t just know Facebook advertising, but advertising in general, including branding and creative direction, SEO and PPC, and more, with a cohesive approach to integrated advertising and sales strategies.
  • Industry Knowledge : The best Facebook ads agencies understand your business and use this knowledge to inform audience targeting, ad designs, and optimization to drive the results you need.
  • Proven Results : A Facebook ads agency will set up your campaign with KPIs you can track, measure, and optimize as your business grows. Get consistent clicks, customer engagement, and revenue from your Facebook ads.

How to tell if your Facebook ad agency is doing a good job

Not all Facebook ad agencies are the same—and even among Facebook partners, it takes the best of industry know-how and dedication to client service that will set your campaign apart.

Beyond ensuring that your ads are serving and displaying in your account, check to see if your Facebook ad agency is optimizing your campaign for impressions, clicks, and revenue:

  • You’re hitting your KPIs , whether it’s clicks and likes, or landing page visits and contact form submissions, all the way to sustained engagement and revenue.
  • The history tool shows they’re constantly adjusting and optimizing ads to increase engagement , such as using A/B testing creatives and audiences.
  • You receive regular, timely reports aligned with KPIs, and expert recommendations for improving or launching new campaigns.
  • Your dedicated account manager is responsive and communicates with you regularly.

What happens to my current Facebook ads service if I change providers?

Remember—it’s your Facebook ads, your account, your campaigns: you’re in full control. Switching to a new provider should be quick, simple, and safe.

Before making the switch, verify that you own the business ad account. A good practice among Facebook ad agencies is ensuring that you own the account, and ads live within it. You should own these credentials, not your service provider.
When switching, simply remove the old agency, and add the new provider as a Partner. This keeps your account secure, while granting permissions to your Facebook ads agency to develop and manage campaigns. With full transparency, you can view campaign performance and see that ads are working.

What other services complement Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is just one part of a bigger, cohesive digital marketing and sales strategy. Best used for brand awareness and customer engagement, Facebook ads work best with other services that enhance your reach, offer an excellent customer experience across your brand’s digital presence, and drive increased revenue.

  • PPC : With both social media and search audiences captured, you gain increased brand awareness, and can direct customers to your website or e-commerce platform to complete a target conversion.
  • Landing Page Design : Send customers to a compelling landing page upon clicking on your ad. Sustain engagement with a targeted offer that customers can redeem on your website, such as a discount or limited-time promotion to prompt a purchase, creating a click-to-sale pipeline.
  • Social Media Management : Stay on top of customers’ feeds through regular, curated posts in line with your brand and trends, and build long-term trust, satisfaction, and interactions for repeat purchases and reliable customer support.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your Facebook advertising agency?

At Consultus Digital, we’re built on results that matter. We grow our business by growing yours using the latest industry tools and techniques. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we’re fully certified and proven to craft your most successful campaign yet, and deliver the results you need.

Get the full Facebook ads experience when you advertise with us : client support you can count on, fresh ideas for clicks, and full-service management. From strategy to constant optimization and staying ahead of the next biggest trends, we’re Toronto’s #1 choice for Facebook Advertising that doesn’t just sell, but creates lasting customer relationships.

  • We’re a Facebook Marketing Partner : Consultus Digital is a proud Facebook Marketing Partner — a distinction we earned among many advertising agencies in Toronto, thanks to our unparalleled knowledge of advertising tools and industry insights that drive successful campaigns.
  • A Portfolio of Successful Campaigns : We grow when you grow — just look at the many clients we’ve empowered throughout our journey so far. From case studies, to client testimonials, and transparent results, we have demonstrated consistent growth. For every client milestone, we’ve earned referrals and testimonials that allow us to expand our footprint.
  • You Have a Dedicated Account Manager : At Consultus Digital, client service is our top priority. Whether you have a question, need the latest campaign metrics, or want to expand to a new customer segment, your account manager is here to help anytime. Get consistent client service and expert recommendations for growing your campaigns.
  • Flexible and Responsive Processes : Facebook Advertising is always evolving, and your campaigns need to adapt. Whether designing new creatives or adhering to new advertising guidelines, we can quickly adapt and keep your campaigns on track. You can count on our Facebook ads agency to operate with data-driven insights as we continuously optimize your campaigns and launch new ones in response to emerging customer demands.

Facebook Advertising Agency FAQs

The costs associated with Facebook advertising in Toronto depend on the type of campaign you are looking to run.

Facebook allows you to target users based on a wide range of factors such as geography, demography, behaviours, interests, and more. In general, the more you want to reach, the bigger your budget must be.

The type of business you are looking to promote will also affect your advertising costs. A product will need a different budget compared to a service or event, for example.

Google Ads and Facebook ads are both great choices.

Google Ads is a form of paid search. It is a pay-per-click advertising program where the advertiser can display ads across Google Search, Display Network, YouTube, and Google Play. Google Ads lets you target users based on individual interests and demographics while also optimizing your budget.

Facebook ads is a form of paid social. It uses demographic data (name, age), interests (user tags, pictures), and behaviours to target potential customers across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Facebook Ads targeting is more precise than that of Google Ads. You can pinpoint the exact audience you want to reach through more advanced tools and features.

Ultimately, both Google and Facebook ads are great at driving traffic to your website. Choosing an ad platform depends on several factors, including who you are targeting, what you are advertising and your advertising goals.

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