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Instagram Advertising

Instagram was launched in 2010 and has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It allows users to post multimedia content to their profiles while including searchable hashtags in the description and tagging other users and brands.

Instagram began as a free photo-sharing platform and was bought by Facebook for a billion dollars less than two years after launch.

With over one billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms. Much like Tik Tok Advertising , this makes Instagram Advertising vital to many businesses looking to share their story with a targeted audience while increasing conversions. If you’re looking for the best Instagram Advertising Agency Toronto has to offer, Consultus Digital is unbeatable.

What is Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising allows brands to promote strategic content to highly targeted individuals based on age, gender, location, interests, and more. These can be in the form of single images, carousels, auto-play videos, and clickable shopping posts.

Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, they have integrated the service completely into the Facebook ads platform. This allows advertisers to create marketing campaigns across both platforms in the one advertising dashboard, streamlining the process and allowing for even more advanced targeting. Instagram advertising in Toronto is an ideal option for many brands looking to increase brand awareness, connect with their target customers, and capitalize on the popularity of this  social media  platform in Canada’s most populated city.

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Why Is Instagram Advertising Important?

As the second most popular social media outlet (behind Facebook), Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketer’s toolbox – especially for Millenials and Generation Z. The visual nature of Instagram Advertising makes image and video-based ads less obtrusive to users, as they blend in naturally to their social feeds. This leads to a decreased negative perception by the user because it is not a traditional commercial – it is entertainment. This helps to increase engagement and click-through rates a great deal.

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Instagram Advertising Agency

The Consultus Digital Process

Consultus Digital is Toronto’s leading Instagram Advertising Agency. We are proud of our reputation as one of the most trusted and innovative digital marketing companies in the GTA. Our success is attributed to our unique approach to Instagram Advertising for every client.

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Audience Analysis

The first step in setting up an effective Instagram Advertising campaign is to identify the desired target audience accurately.

Every business will have a different type of customer they wish to advertise to. These customers can differ on a range of different metrics, including gender, age, location, relationship status, socioeconomic status, language spoken, interests, and much more. We take the time to speak with every client to create a very clear picture of who they would like to engage. We then tailor the campaign targeting using the powerful metadata available from Facebook to ensure ads are only served to those who meet the pre-determined criteria.

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Goal Setting

Prior to launching an Instagram advertising campaign in Toronto, we also ensure that the desired outcomes are made explicitly clear.

By discussing exactly what it is that the client would like to get out of the campaign, we can tailor the advertising copy, format, interactivity features, and complementary elements that will take it to the next level. For instance, if the end goal were to get more users to purchase a particular product, a shopping-linked post with high-quality images of the product would work best. However, if the goal was for more users to sign up for a newsletter, a visually compelling post with accompanying text driving to a sign-up page may be more effective. Whatever the client’s goal, Consultus Digital has the perfect plan to achieve outstanding results.

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Dynamic Delivery

Once the audience and desired outcome have been determined, it’s time for us to deliver.

We have an in-house team of highly experienced content creators that will put together unique and engaging content designed to attract your audience. All ads will be assembled and then sent to the client for review before going live to ensure complete satisfaction with the end product. If influencer marketing is involved in the campaign, our sister company, we will manage creative briefs, work-back schedule, and deliverables for all influencers. This will involve specific outlines of what needs to be said, the tone that should be struck, and critical deadlines for having the content go live. All influencer posts will be sent to the client for approval before being posted, after which we shall boost the post for maximum visibility and engagement using Instagram.

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Detailed Reporting

Once the campaign flight is complete, Consultus Digital will put together a detailed report on performance and milestones.

Our dedicated Account Managers will compile all relevant data from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics to provide a comprehensive view of how the campaign performed. This can include number of click-throughs, website traffic, number of conversions, number of impressions, and total amount spent. Consultus Digital will also make specific recommendations to maximize performance in future campaigns. Data-driven decision-making is the driving force of our recommendations.

Instagram Advertising FAQs

The costs associated with Instagram advertising in Toronto will depend entirely on the type of campaign you are looking to run.

Instagram allows you to target users based on a wide range of factors such as geography, demography, pages followed, interests, number of connections, and more. Generally speaking, the broader your target audience, the broader the budget will need to be to serve ads to that many people.

The type of business you are looking to promote will also affect your advertising costs. A product will need a different budget compared to a service or event, for example.

Instagram tends towards a  much younger demographic  than the other social media platforms. The typical Instagram user is a woman aged between 13-29, living in an urban environment, earning between $45,000-$75,000.

This makes Instagram advertising in Toronto ideal for brands looking to target Zennials and Millennials with striking and engaging creative media.

This is another instance where the better option will depend entirely on the type of product or service you are looking to promote and what your overall budget is.

Instagram is a purely visual social media platform, meaning consumers head there to get their fix of attractive and engaging visual imagery. Producing high-quality photography is more cost-effective, as photos typically cost less to produce than videos. That being said, a well-produced video has the potential to go viral and achieve incredible engagement from users, which will not only help promote your brand but also improve your SEO Toronto efforts.

Your dedicated Account Manager will help walk you through the benefits of each method and recommend an option that will generate the greatest return on investment for your brand.

Instagram advertising in Toronto can be an incredible platform for both raising brand awareness and driving conversions.

There are many different tools available to supplement your content, including purchase drivers, carousel setups, autoplay videos, e-commerce linking, and more. Whether you are looking to launch a new product, refresh an existing offering, or get your name out there, Instagram advertising in Toronto can help you achieve those goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Many people might assume that Instagram advertising in Toronto has to be coupled with an  influencer marketing campaign , but this is not necessarily true.

With compelling creative, effective targeting, and strong customer engagement, any brand can run a successful Instagram advertising campaign without enlisting the services of an influencer. Once you are comfortable with Instagram advertising and are looking to take your online presence and engagement to the next level, influencer marketing is an effective tool to help you get there.

We offer both Instagram advertising campaign management along with influencer marketing, allowing us to help guide you on when combining the two makes sense for your brand.

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