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MARKETING SERVICE | Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where a social media personality is hired to promote a product or service to their online communities through social media channels and/or blog.

The numbers don’t lie: influencer marketing is on the rise. In 2021 alone, the influencer market grew 42% — from $9.7 billion to $13.8 billion, on track to reach $15 billion this 2022.

But what are brands investing in? It’s simple: it all comes down to trust. With over 40,000 influencers in Toronto and across Canada, each with an audience of 1,000 to 10 million, influencer marketing delivers an ROI that’s eleven times greater than banner ads. And with the steady growth of the influencer market, 63% of marketers are looking to up their investment, spending as much as $4.62 billion a year by 2023.

Now is your chance to get ahead with the right influencer marketing agency in Toronto — voices your consumers can trust.


What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is all about trust. Your customers expect you to highlight everything that makes your brand the best. But to validate this, they need to hear it from fellow consumers: real people sharing real stories, trusted by many who follow their journey.

Who is an influencer?

Unlike traditional media and advertising channels that rely on celebrities’ star power for endorsements, influencers are everyday consumers and people. Influencers are content creators who have mastered the art of engagement across platforms like Instagram , Facebook , TikTok , LinkedIn , and YouTube . With the right niche and platform, they’re powerful brand advocates who inspire trust in your brand.

Whether it’s product experiences or industry insights, influencers wield the power of effective storytelling, earning a credible reputation for their unique voice and aesthetic, expert answers, and ever-growing social following. From lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and fitness, to technology, art and design, healthcare, c-suite industry expertise, and more, influencers can be anyone in any niche with a sizable social media following, anywhere from a few thousand to millions.

Influencers Have Built a Community on Trust

  • A large, engaged audience who actively interacts with their content
  • Power to influence shopping habits and preferences due to their stories, experiences, and authority
  • Regularly publish engaging content with high-impact visuals, entertaining videos, and a trademark brand
  • Honest product reviews built on long-term relationships with brands they endorse.

Why is influencer marketing important?

Consumers are constantly inundated by ads. Now, they want to hear from real people with real stories they can trust. With a reputation for authenticity and expertise, influencers have built a market that’s nearly worth $15 billion, and eleven times more powerful than traditional banner ads.

  • Over 50% of brands running e-commerce already work with influencers to leverage the trust factor
  • For every dollar spent on influencer marketing, brands make as much as $5.20
  • 48% of influencer marketing budgets are spent on Instagram, where highly visual content succeeds, and influencers can leverage interactive features
  • 63% of marketers intend to up their influencer marketing spend, reaching as much as $4.62 billion in the next year.

The Trust Factor in Influencer Marketing

  • The power of authenticity: Consumers are inclined to trust honest product reviews by influencers who have built a loyal fan community, and potentially loyal customers.
  • From engaged followers to engaged customers: With their sizable audience, influencers can easily amplify your brand, drive followers to your digital channels, and help build a pipeline of engaged followers to happy customers.
  • Increased conversions: Not getting enough clicks on ads? Influencers — and their loyal followers — can help. Influencer marketing takes the guesswork out of customer profiling and targeting. Influencers serve up a receptive audience ready to buy, thanks to their credibility, resulting in higher conversions with each shopping recommendation.

Who needs influencer marketing?

Consumers trust brands they know, and more so when endorsed by people they know. Influencer marketing takes this trust to a whole new level: a much larger audience curated by the most powerful storytellers. It’s word-of-mouth marketing at its best, rewarding brands with visibility and audience engagement, social proof , and the ability to turn new followers into future brand ambassadors.

Are you thinking of investing in influencer marketing? Influencers work best when they collaborate with brands to publish highly visual content created through their own authentic experiences. Influencer collabs leverage powerful storytelling, from candid reviews, how-to tips, product guides, recommendations, and before-and-after visuals.

Check out some of the best-performing industries powered by influencers and their authentic stories and engaged followers:

  • Travel and lifestyle
  • Food and beverage
  • Fashion, beauty, and cosmetics
  • Health and fitness
  • Entertainment and media
  • Technology, and more.

Not on the list? Don’t fret. Influencers are everywhere, emerging across different industries. And as influencer marketing continues to evolve, not all influencers are just on Instagram and YouTube anymore, providing product reviews and recommendations. For instance, LinkedIn influencers — such as recruiters, start-up founders, girl bosses and more — are on the rise, presenting endless possibilities for engagement across platforms and industries.


The Consultus Digital Process

We facilitate partnerships between brands and influencers to create authentic and engaging campaigns with unprecedented reach. We offer a holistic strategy to ensure our influencer campaigns complement all of your digital efforts.

Unlike many other influencer marketing vendors, we have a background ingrained in conversion-focused marketing efforts that yield ROI. We focus on illustrating the customer journey from the initial impression of an influencer’s post to an eventual conversion/sale.


We will meet with you to discuss your marketing goals, experience, and desired outcome of your influencer marketing program in order for us to develop a creative approach that we know will move the needle for your business.

We will then segment the various audience groups you wish to target and identify the appropriate social communities to leverage your campaign.


Once the communities are identified, we move towards the research phase of our selection process.

Our team will first review our database of influencers to source the perfect talent for your engagement. With every creator we work with, we take all the necessary steps to vet their audience to ensure they do not have a purchased following. More importantly, that their audience fits your key target demographic.

Once we have prepared our recommended influencer selection — we will provide those options to the client for review and approval.


Once the influencers have been selected, we will define the tone and theme of their messaging, outline all details of the campaign rollout, and work back schedule in a campaign brief that both the client and creator(s) will sign off on.

The creators will then send their content to the client to approve before the scheduled go-live date.

If the content receives the green light from the client, it will then go live with all necessary tagging, brand/product/service references in place.


With every influencer marketing strategy, we highly recommend including at least 20% of the overall campaign budget towards paid amplification (typically through sponsored Facebook advertising and/or Instagram ads ) of your influencers’ posts to maximize reach potential, as well as to test and segment these ads against the various demographic targets that your business may have. At Consultus Digital , we have a team of experts who live and breathe paid social advertising. We will provide the optimal strategy and execution of this essential component of your influencer campaign from start to finish.


Once the campaign has wrapped up, we will provide complete in-depth program reporting, followed by a debrief with you to discuss results based on our pre-set KPIs.

We then use those insights to drive strategy for future campaigns. As with any strong marketing strategy, we can continually improve results based on ongoing analysis and adjustment.

Is influencer marketing right for your business?

Did you know that influencer content is quickly outperforming brand content? The most successful brands no longer rely on just their own voice. They’re enlisting real people, from loyal customers to powerful influencers to share what makes their products the best.

It all comes down to reputation . Consumers trust credible voices outside of your brand. And with all brands crafting messages that position their offerings as the best in the market, it takes authentic reviews, stories, and visuals from voices they value to stand out.

Beat the ad bids, cost per click and customer acquisition. See how influencer marketing powers brand engagement built on authenticity and trust:

  • From one consumer to another: Influencer marketing adds a personal touch, thanks to authentic brand experiences and honest feedback crafted in their unique visual aesthetic and voice.
  • Targeted marketing for targeted revenue: Your next customer is an influencer’s follower. Reach them right away with an influencer collab designed to boost sales, like referral codes and product giveaways.
  • Maximize engagement: Influencers know more about community management and audience engagement than anyone. They know the power of likes, replies, comments, and reshares, and they’ll do the same for your sponsored content, making them the best brand ambassadors.
  • Best value for your marketing dollars: Influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools, with ROI greater than banner ads. Small businesses can reach an engaged and loyal audience for as little as free swag per post.

How much does influencer marketing cost?

In today’s reputation-based shopping journey, influencers do invaluable work in shaping trust and customer loyalty. But for as little as product giveaways to cost-effective rates per post, influencer marketing is proving to be the best investment for brands. See how much your next collab is worth:

  • Campaign: What are you promoting? Your campaign goals largely determine influencer marketing spend, from the number of influencers required to content types.
  • Influencer Reach: The size of an influencer’s audience—their star power and its impact. Nano-influencers have up to 10k followers, micro-influencers up to 50k, mid-tier up to 500k, macro up to 1M, and mega over 1M.
  • Platforms: Is your influencer collab limited to Instagram, or spanning multiple social channels? As expert content creators, influencers tailor their content per platform and audience, resulting in varying rates.
  • Content: What types of content does an influencer need to create? Rates vary depending on the number and type of posts, the complexity of content creation for their niche, and the time it takes to create.
  • Engagement: How much engagement do you aim to generate? More than vanity metrics like follower count and likes, it’s worth investing in influencers who deliver active audience engagement through community management.
  • Seasonal demand: Depending on their niche, certain influencers are in higher demand during peak shopping seasons. Lock down collabs early on, and budget your marketing spend accordingly.
  • Usage rights and exclusivity: Want to reuse content and beat competitors to partnering with the most influential creators? Outline usage and partnership terms early on for a smooth-sailing campaign and successful long-term collaboration.
  • Agency fee: With an influencer marketing agency, it’s easy to find the right influencers and top brand advocates. Collaborate with the most credible and sought-after voices across various industries.

What can you expect from influencer marketing?

From sponsored content to giveaways, hashtags, and more, influencer marketing presents endless possibilities for brand awareness. Successful influencer marketing is all about relationship-building: a creative collaboration to promote products and services influencers love, and their followers can grow to love, too. Get started with our influencer campaign builder:

  1. Set your campaign goals and audience: Identify what you want to promote and how to your target audience. Focus your campaign on an influencer’s reach, the relevance of their niche, and their resonance with their audience.
  2. Set your budget: How big is your campaign? Based on your campaign and brand, choose from nano, micro, macro, and mega influencers.
  3. Select influencers: Partner with an influencer marketing agency to screen influencers. Influencer agencies have an established network of creators whose content they screen for quality and engagement. They can recommend the right influencers best suited to your campaign, brand, and industry, and manage these partnerships on your behalf.
  4. Develop campaign messaging: The success of your campaign lies with the strength of collaboration between your brand and influencers. An influencer marketing agency can facilitate this collaboration to shape content creation and engagement across campaign formats, from sponsored posts and cross-platform campaigns to live streams, contests and giveaways, hashtag campaigns, and more.
  5. Track and grow: Measure engagement in terms of campaign metrics and revenue. With an influencer marketing agency, you can optimize campaigns and develop new ones for upcoming offers.

How can you tell good influencer marketing from bad influencer marketing?

The success of your influencer marketing campaign comes down to the metrics that matter. Ultimately, you want to build a partnership with the right influencer — a powerful brand advocate sharing authentic experiences with audiences that convert. Partner with a top influencer marketing agency in Toronto from influencer search, to campaign development and engagement.

  • Engagement metrics: Keep an eye for the numbers and the story they tell. Track interactions, such as likes, shares, comments, mentions, DMs, clicks, follows, and more. For every like a sponsored post gets, how many of those convert to customers?
  • Reach and follower count: Track views and impressions on your partner influencer’s channels, and measure follower growth and impact on your brand’s channels and engagement.
  • Brand awareness: The best-performing influencer content amplifies your brand and digital channels, with long-term impact like sustained engagement, brand recall, and conversions.
  • Conversions: Set a goal for audience engagement. Whether it’s follower counts across your brand’s channels, contest or giveaway entries, landing page views, or revenue, influencer campaigns drive conversion actions — a steady pipeline of followers to customers.
  • ROI: The ultimate measure of influencer marketing. Calculate the ROI on influencer campaigns, and see how the most engaging creators and best-performing content drive revenue and customer loyalty based on trust.

What to look for when hiring a influencer marketing agency

34% of brands running influencer campaigns in-house cite finding influencers as their biggest challenge. 61% of marketers say finding the right influencers is even harder. Between strategy building, campaign development, and the details of creative direction, not many brands have the resources to vet and build an influencer network.

It’s simple: you’re looking for the best influencers to become brand ambassadors. A highly experienced and reputable influencer marketing agency in Toronto like Consultus Digital can provide. We take the work out of the influencer search. Creating campaign collaborations has never been easier.

  • Influencer search: Your influencer marketing agency has long-term relationships with a broad range of influencers across industries and niches. They consistently vet influencers based on content quality and engagement, and recommend creators who can meet your campaign goals, like best-performing micro-influencers with higher engagement rates than their mega counterparts.
  • “Done-For-You” approach: Influencer agencies offer a complete package — the best influencers and brand advocates, collaborative content creation and quality checks, and engagement tracking. Sit back as campaigns run smoothly, with success metrics you can count on, from follower count to customer acquisition and revenue.
  • Marketing expertise: Influencer marketing is a unique niche, but just one part of a broader digital marketing strategy . Choose an influencer agency with expertise in social media marketing , Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok advertising, web development, and more. Build a fulsome campaign that takes customers for a curated product experience across your brand’s digital channels.
  • Ratings and reviews: In the business of trust, your influencer marketing agency needs to lead the charge. See what clients have to say — their challenges and success stories, case studies, campaign metrics, and more.

Is your influencer marketing agency doing a good job?

  • Influencer collaborations: Your influence marketing agency is all hands-on-deck—they vet influencers, do content quality checks, and track engagement. They’re your primary contact for managing influencer relationships, from influencer search and content creation to campaign measurement.
  • Engagement tracking: Influencer agencies tell a data-driven story of successful engagement, using metrics like tracked links and referrals, impressions, content interactions, coupon code use, and follower growth to measure campaign success.
  • Long-term KPIs: The ultimate success of influencer marketing is ROI. Your influencer agency should be able to demonstrate a strong pipeline of audience engagement to conversions and customer acquisition. Based on these, your partner agency will recommend campaign optimization strategies and future influencer collaborations.

What happens to my current influencer marketing service if I change providers?

Remember, it’s your brand and your campaigns. Choosing to partner with a new influencer marketing agency should be a smooth and straightforward transition. Step up your influencer campaigns in 3 easy steps:

  1. Wrap up: Finish up current campaigns with your current provider, and notify them of the switch for a smooth turnover.
  2. Secure digital assets : Make sure you own all your digital assets and campaign analytics. Remove your provider’s access once you have all the data you need.
  3. Set new campaign goals: Start an influencer campaign with your new provider, in partnership with in-demand influencers.

What other services complement influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a key tool for building your brand’s digital presence and customer base, but it’s only one part of a cohesive strategy for creating a community of loyal and happy customers. Launch your most successful influencer campaign yet with a full suite of digital marketing services:

  • Social Media Management : Strengthen your social channels with expertly curated brand content. From product reviews and how-to hacks, to interactive features like polls and story replies, and featuring influencer content, activate the power of an engaged audience across your social media channels .
  • Social Ads : Boost influencer campaigns with high-impact, cost-effective PPC ads. Reach new audiences, and build trust with the combined power of an influencer’s authenticity and hyper-targeting capabilities of social ads .
  • Content marketing : Leverage influencer content like guest blogs and how-to videos in your content marketing strategy . Engage influencers in creating value-added content, and maximize reach when shared to their network of loyal followers who trust their product reviews and recommendations.
  • Custom Photography and Videography : The backbone of every influencer campaign — create attractive, high-impact photography and video content in partnership with influencers for their content. Weave your brand identity and an influencer’s unique aesthetic seamlessly for an outstanding campaign that resonates with audiences.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your influencer marketing agency?

At Consultus Digital , we built our business on trust. It’s why we work with only the most trusted influencers who have built a community of loyal and happy followers — and it’s how we take the work out of finding the right partner to collaborate with your brand.

When you partner with us , you can count on our influencer marketing experts to connect you with the most trusted influencers, and design collaborative campaigns that convert audiences to happy and loyal customers. See how we work:

  • We Grow Together: At Consultus Digital, we’re invested in your growth. Simply, the more you grow, the more we also do. The success of your campaigns and your satisfaction is the ultimate measure of the work we do. We achieve this by delivering leading-edge influencer marketing expertise, so you can focus on what you do best — delivering the best products and services that customers trust as much as your brand advocates.
  • A Community of Influencers: We are your influencer marketing partner — a trusted collaborator that takes the work out of finding the best advocates for your brand. As an influencer agency, we specialize in building an ever-growing network of influencers whose content and engagement rates we constantly check, and recommend based on their relevance and resonance with your brand and target audience.
  • Personalized Service: With Consultus Digital, you gain access to a dedicated account manager and team of influencer marketing experts who work seamlessly with your in-house team. Track campaign performance with a personal touch, thanks to fully transparent and easy-to-read reports, with expert recommendations for expanding influencer campaigns, building audience engagement, and connecting with customers.
  • Expert Tools: As a leading influencer agency, we’re always ahead of the curve. You can count on our influencer marketing experts to stay ahead of industry trends and adapt your campaigns to the latest customer insights and shopping preferences to ensure sustained relevance and resonance. Beyond influencer content, we offer a full suite of social media and digital marketing services to amplify every influencer campaign.

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