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Good website design goes beyond visual elements. It defines the overall positive customer experience. With two out of three people motivated to browse beautifully designed content and design influencing your brand’s credibility by 75% , web design is at the core of digital marketing and customer success.

Are you looking for the right web designer in Toronto ? Among hundreds to choose from, it takes the most experienced and innovative website design company to bring your brand to life onscreen, from desktop to mobile. Discover web design that goes beyond visual appeal: a holistic approach to user experience, ultimately geared to maximize conversions.


What is the difference between web development and web design?

It’s important to differentiate between Toronto website design services and website development services , that the two are not the same. Some amazing developers do not have design skills, and there are designers that have never developed. Since your website will be the foundation of your SEO marketing , it’s key to start right.

Website development: The process of coding a website, building out its functionality and publishing it live onto the internet. This requires expertise in various coding languages and a detailed understanding of how different functional elements work together.

Website design: The overall visual aesthetic and look of the website as a user would experience it. This includes colour scheme, dynamic visuals, and the layout schematic of the website — and most importantly, creating a platform and user experience which is conversion-friendly and that compels visitors to take your desired action on-site; such as submit a lead form, call your business, complete a purchase, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

Why is website design important?

Today, the customer journey takes place largely onscreen, so much that 90% of consumers are known to use multiple screens sequentially, and mobile accounts for nearly 70% of all online traffic.

The most successful brands in Toronto know this — and they’ve had a head-start in optimizing user interfaces for excellent user experience: 62% increased their sales by designing responsive mobile platforms for their sites. Simply, they’ve discovered the power of a clean, intuitive user interface and optimal user experience in driving each click and conversion.

A good, consistently branded, clearly structured, seamless website design is at the heart of every positive customer experience. As both your online storefront and sales platform, your website is where you nurture leads and ultimately convert views and clicks to sales. But in order to do its job, it needs to be designed and optimized for the best user experience.

See how the best UI/UX approach to web design delivers your next sale and builds lasting trust:

  • Consistent Brand: Promote a consistent brand image to boost recall and build credibility, reflected in clear and consistent design elements across pages.
  • Accessibility: Good web design keeps your website accessible to all audiences, ensuring a seamless experience across devices, and reflects your commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Site navigation: A clear website structure and hierarchy, so customers can quickly find what they need and navigate to conversion actions, from browsing product pages to checkout.

Who needs website design?

The bottom line is every business needs a website — and a long-overdue upgrade on their web design. Your entire digital marketing strategy is anchored on a functional, well-designed website. It’s where the bulk of customer interactions and conversions occur, so it must be up to the latest standards in user experience. Get the benefits of professional web design:

  • Branding and visibility: Website design sets the tone for your brand across digital channels, creating a consistent, memorable experience that customers know and trust. Beyond engaging visuals and design elements, a well-designed website creates a strong, positive first impression that allows you to stand out in competitive markets like Toronto.
  • Drive website traffic: Building your website according to the latest UI/UX standards impacts rankings and traffic. A seamless, easy-to-navigate website keeps users on-page for longer, signalling a positive experience, and drives conversion actions. The opposite — poor mobile experience, visual elements, and navigation, among others — drives users to “bounce,” which can ultimately downgrade your search rankings.
  • Professional expertise: Launch, maintain, and optimize your website with ease and confidence. A professional web design company is fully equipped to handle the entire process, from mock-ups and testing across screens, to updates — all while you focus on business.

The Consultus Digital Process

Consultus Digital specializes in crafting completely customized website designs and schematics for every client. Our dedicated team is highly experienced in determining the perfect aesthetic for your goals and translating that into an effective design that helps your business succeed.

Bespoke Designs

Other website design agencies in Toronto might apply generic website design templates for every client to save themselves time and money. While this means they can generate new website designs quickly, the results will be uninspired and ineffective in generating significant results for their clients.

At Consultus Digital, we take the time to discuss all of your business goals before we put pen to paper to completely understand what you want out of your new website design. Once we have a holistic view of your business and where it wants to be, we incorporate the latest aesthetic tools into our website designs, always making your business needs our top priority.

The result is an entirely bespoke, uniquely “you” website design, custom-built from the ground up for your business.

Optimized for Results

A beautifully designed website may be eye-catching, but to get it in front of the right customers requires it to be fully optimized for your specific needs. We carefully structure all of our website designs to funnel users towards your desired action, whether it’s making a sale, entering an email address , or having them pick up the phone.

We ensure to continuously optimize our designs with the latest techniques on colour theory, multi-device and browser tested, dynamic visuals and search engine optimization so that your business can reap the benefits of a professionally designed website.

Deep Collaboration

A part of any good partnership is open and frequent communication. We believe this is vital in developing a website design that is exactly what you were looking for, so we make collaboration a cornerstone of our design process.

After our initial consultation, we will develop several different aesthetics we believe would work well with your particular business. We then work closely with you to refine these ideas into the works of art we know they can be. Your input will always be highly valued, and we ensure that the product we produce for you meets all of your needs and more.

If your website feels stale and your leads have dried up, contact us today – let’s design a new website design and switch on your success.

Does your business need website design?

Know who to call for your website. Whether you already have one, you’re a new, up-and-coming brand, or it’s time for a refresh, every business in Canada should have a website design company in their corner. A professional web design company is your partner in creating an effective and memorable customer experience, from the first click onscreen to repeat visits and purchases. See how:

  • Create Your Platform: Launch your business or revamp your brand with an all-new, mobile-responsive platform. Build your website to showcase your unique offerings and create a platform for interacting with customers and generating conversions .
  • Built for Your Budget: Build your website based on your needs and budget. Get a balance of custom design, functionality, optimal user experience, and value for budget.
  • Cultivate Your Brand: Good website design is the backbone of your brand. Partner with a website design agency in Toronto to customize your site to reflect your brand consistently, and ensure cohesive visual elements and a memorable user experience across the platform.
  • Ongoing Promotions: Design is constantly evolving, and so should your website. Keep building and adding to your website with new promotions and offers. A professional web design agency can create landing pages and maintain your site for a consistently excellent user experience.

How much does website design cost?

For a truly outstanding customer experience, you’ll want to go beyond a standard theme and page elements. A professional web design agency in Toronto delivers a fully customized website tailored to your brand, crafted to highlight everything customers know and trust about your business. Check out an agency’s portfolio, ratings, and testimonials to learn if they’re the best fit. Find out what the best web design agencies in Toronto deliver — and for what value:

  • Scope and need: Do you need a completely redesigned and upgraded website or just a new custom landing page? Website design in Toronto costs varies depending on your needs. But the best part is, with modern design elements and website builders, it’s easy to incorporate these updates across pages and launch your redesigned website in no time.
  • Website elements: How big is your website — how many products, services, service areas, and other key selling propositions are highlighted? Deliver a complete customer experience with all the elements for conversion actions, built to flow seamlessly for easy navigation from homepage to checkout.
  • Industry design standards: What do your competitors’ websites look like, and what’s the industry’s general aesthetic? Your website design agency tailors your site to stay ahead of industry standards, ensuring a professional look, and seamless and responsive navigation to maximize conversions.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Build your website with an integrated CMS for seamless content publishing . Maintain content and design elements to keep your site fresh and relevant, ensuring an excellent user experience and increased customer value.

How can you tell good website design from bad website design?

Simply, good website design works: it’s visually enticing, flows seamlessly, generates conversions, and builds lasting trust. There’s more to it than choosing the right colours, fonts, and layout. Good websites combine these elements, creating the best possible user experience and customer relationships.

  • Visual appeal: The basic requirement of a good website design, the best websites entice customers to click and keep them on-page with appealing visual elements, making it easy to navigate and complete conversion actions.
  • Consistency: Customers need to know that it’s your brand — products and services they know and trust — from the first click. This only happens with consistent web design and cohesive brand identity.
  • Traffic and conversions: Your website is your primary sales tool. With good web design, you’re on track to rank higher on search due to increased on-page time and low bounce rate, acquire more leads, and maximize conversions.

Check out this quick guide to the basics of good web design:

  • Readable text with highlights that break up large sections, and a clear hierarchy of information
  • Consistent and visible navigation structure, from menu hierarchy to buttons and site map
  • Browser-safe graphics with alt text labels for accessibility
  • Fast page loading times
  • Consistent brand identity
  • Clearly defined, branded, and working links.

What to look for when hiring a website design company

A modern, professionally designed website is an investment: it’s the core of your brand and the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. It’s the first thing any customer sees when they encounter your business — the main component of your digital presence.

To stand out and reflect an excellent customer experience, you need a website that helps you do exactly that, all while providing the best value for your budget. See just how much value professional web design brings:

  • Industry experience: There’s no shortage of website design companies in ultra-competitive markets like Toronto. But how many of them have successfully launched websites for your industry? Browse the agency’s portfolio to see their design philosophy and industry-specific, custom-crafted designs.
  • Timeline: Your new website or landing page should be tested and launched quickly, so how fast can a web design company deliver? Be transparent with your timeline, and see how they can deliver, at the best quality and optimal cost.
  • Cost: A well-designed website is a smart investment, with ROI as the ultimate indicator of its success. Choose a web design company that can work within your budget and sets realistic expectations while meeting quality standards.
  • Client service: Your website design company should be a trusted partner — and the best kind is one that provides you with a dedicated account manager committed to maintaining constant communication and timely updates. Choose a web design agency with a track record of responsiveness, from initial consultation to design, testing, and launch.

How to tell if your website design agency is doing a good job

  • Commitment to results: Your website design agency ensures you generate leads from improved search visibility and rankings and consistently optimizes the user experience as design standards evolve.
  • Brand recall: The best website design agencies in Toronto know that their work goes beyond your site. They set the tone for your brand identity, ensuring a seamless, memorable experience across your website and overall digital presence.
  • Consistent across devices and displays: With the majority of website traffic now from mobile, your website design agency should be designing for mobile-first and a seamless experience across screen sizes.
  • Beyond website design: Toronto’s top website design agencies do more than build your website. Instead, they know this is just the beginning of their work, so they’re always optimizing and updating your site and providing support based on expert insights into evolving web design and digital marketing trends .

What happens to my current website design service if I change providers?

Refreshing your website with a new web design agency? Get the upgrade you deserve in a seamless transition. Learn how professional web designers keep conversion elements above the fold and user experience consistent and reliable as your brand evolves:

  • Notify your current web design agency of your intent to terminate your contract.
  • Make sure you own all accounts related to managing your site and have the most up-to-date login information.
  • Update user permissions on your website builder, hosting, and other relevant accounts to provide access to your new web design company.
  • Have a full website backup ready for security.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your web design agency?

You need a website that stands out. We design and deliver. It’s that simple. As Toronto’s premier web design agency, Consultus Digital takes pride in helping businesses like yours immerse customers onscreen and cultivate a memorable user experience.

Our web design philosophy is purposeful design: we do more than select the right colours, fonts, and graphics. Ultimately, we deliver a masterful combination of aesthetics, seamless navigation, and clear, reliable pathways to conversion.

  • Custom designs: At Consultus Digital, we’ve never been one for a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that you’ve spent years cultivating your brand, so we honour it the best way we know how—fully integrated into your website design, resulting in an immersive and impactful customer experience. With us, you’ll launch a website that’s uniquely yours, designed to stand out in Toronto’s competitive market.
  • Dedicated collaboration: Consultus Digital is your web design partner. Our promise is deep collaboration with your team at every step of the website design process — from the early stages of ideation to testing and launch. Overseeing this collaboration is your dedicated account manager, whom you can trust to proactively provide updates and timely reports on our progress.
  • Long-term support: For us, the launch of your redesigned website or landing page is just our first of many shared milestones. We’re here for the long haul — your partner and expert resource on evolving website design and user experience trends, dedicated to continually optimizing your website to ensure a successful digital marketing strategy and the best possible customer experience.

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