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Consultus Speciality Division

Self Storage Division

The Self Storage industry has been booming since the mid-eighties and it’s still going strong. Investors love this vehicle because of its proven track record of being a lucrative investment.

In Canada, the market is much less developed compared to our American counterparts, who have an average of nine square feet of storage for every person in the country, while Canada is just three square feet per capita. This lack of maturity in the Canadian market has resulted in mass self-storage facility developments over the past decade, many by independent operators.

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Welcome to Consultus Digital - Self Storage Division.

At our firm , we’re dedicated to being ahead of the curve for all things related to self-storage marketing.

Our lead creative consultants are recognized as industry digital thought leaders and have spoken at numerous self-storage conferences across the country. Our dedicated team has years of experience and is versed in all the latest technology required to be successful, such as sitelink integrations.

If you’re looking for the best, look no further than Consultus Digital.

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Local SEO for Self Storage

The physical location of your facility is super important from a marketing perspective as it determines how many eyeballs will see your building on a daily basis. It’s for this reason facilities are often built beside high trafficked roads…

Your Google My Business listing can be thought of as your online facility, and depending on how frequently it appears when someone is querying, is sort of like how close to the highway you’re.

At Consultus digital we implement strategies to optimize and manage everything to do with your Google My Business Page . These include:

  • Ensuring you’re ranking well
  • Correct and consistent information across all locations.
  • Managing Google Posts to advertise promotions.
  • Solicit and respond to reviews.

Digital Strategy Development

Are you just about to break ground with your 1st facility, or are you onto your 20th? Regardless, our creative consultants will carve out a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Our consultants are well versed in the self-storage industry and armed with creative strategies to acquire new customers and upsell existing ones.

The correlation between occupancy and quality marketing is undeniable. Now is the time to learn what the best are doing.

Website Development +
Sitelink Integrations

Consultus Digital provides the latest website development tech for the self-storage industry . We have solutions for all shapes and sizes. From massive multi-location sitelink integrated custom builds to simple 5-page WordPress sites, we can offer solutions that meet your needs.

Our websites are built to convert visitors into customers. How do we do this? By keeping the customer first, always. Our designs are created with the end-user in mind; business owners, condo dwellers, drop shippers, hoarders, the millennial, etc. We marry this with best practices for user experience; great user flows, easy to navigate, quick checkouts/conversions, etc.

Ready to discuss a website project? Reach out today!

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