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Google Display Network Advertising

One of the largest and most diverse marketplaces for programmatic advertising is the Google Display Network. By leveraging the vast number of properties, websites, and mobile applications that Google has access to, you can serve your brand to users when they are most receptive to completing a conversion. Consultus Digital has years of experience crafting effective and engaging Google Display Network advertising campaigns that generate exceptional return on investment for our clients.

What is Google Display Network Advertising?

Google Display Network advertising is the process of utilizing Google’s huge stable of advertising properties and partners to serve your ads through programmatic advertising.

The Google Display Network is a massive collection of advertising spaces across millions of different websites, mobile applications, and digital media outlets. This includes all of Google’s businesses such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search, some of the most visited websites on the planet. Not only this, but the Google Display Network also extends into millions of websites that host banner and display ads, as well as free or “freemium” mobile applications that cover their costs by serving ads to users.

Google Display Network advertising allows businesses to leverage this huge collection of outlets to display their ads to users when it matters most, maximizing potential conversions and improve return on investment.

Google Ads Landing Environment - Consultus Digital

How does Google Display Network Advertising?

Google Display Network advertising is a form of  programmatic advertising  that utilizes artificial intelligence and automation to distribute ads.

The Google Display Network is an example of an open auction programmatic advertising platform. This means that every time a user lands on a page, app, or digital property that is a part of the network, Google performs an instantaneous auction where advertisers compete for ad space. Whoever has the highest bid placed for that particular ad space or searched keyword will win the auction and their ad will be served.

Google Display Network advertising performs all of this instantly, seamlessly, and automatically, thousands of times a day. This makes getting your brand seen on millions of different websites and apps a simple and effective way to boost recognition, recall, and sales.

Specific Landing Environments - Consultus Digital

Why Is Google Display Network Advertising?

Google Display Network advertising is a vital tool in your digital marketing toolbox, as it allows for huge brand reach with a very reasonable cost.

As one of the most powerful and pervasive technology companies in the world, Google has the means and the reach to distribute your ads at a scale previously thought to be impossible. With their robust AI and automation tech working for you, your business can be seen by millions without needing to organise distribution. Consultus Digital has been building unique Google Display Network advertising campaigns for our clients that have outperformed the competition every time, generating huge returns and positive results in the process.

Google Display Network Advertising

Google Display Network Advertising

The Consultus Method

At Consultus Digital, we focus on expert targeting and ad creation that drives conversions for our clients. Our dedicated Account Managers craft bespoke campaigns for each business that is optimized exclusively for them. We achieve our exceptional results using our Consultus method.

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Budget Optimization

An effective  Google Display Network advertising  campaign requires constant attention to ad spend and bidding strategies. Your Account Manager will determine the most optimal bidding thresholds and maximum spends that fit within your budget. As the campaign progresses, your Account Manager will continuously check which ads and formats are performing the best and reoptimize your campaign to focus on these outlets. This maximizes your return on investment and improves the chances of securing a customer conversion.

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Customized Creative

As the name suggests, the Google Display Network relies on displaying images and videos to communicate the advertisements to users. Our expert team of in-house designers and copywriters will work closely with you to create completely unique ad creative that will get your message across in an exciting and engaging way.

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Detailed Reporting

Google offers extremely robust reporting tools for its Display Network, which can be used to inform decisions about future campaigns. Your Account Manager will assess all important metrics available and condense them down into an easy to understand but extensively researched report and recommendations at the conclusion of your campaign.

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Brand Protection

With such a vast network of outlets to serve your ads, you will want to ensure your brand is not appearing in areas that would result in a negative association. We set up comprehensive guidelines and restrictions for your ad campaign so that it will only show up on platforms that mesh well with your business and that has audiences that are likely to convert.

Google Display Network advertising can drive significant sales and traffic to your website without breaking the bank.  Contact Consultus Digital today  and let us get your brand out there.

Google Display Network Advertising FAQs

Google Display Network advertising is actually cheaper than standard  Google Ads  campaigns. While the average Cost Per Click (CPC) for Google Ads is between $1 to $2, the average cost for a Display Network ad is below $1. This means you can get a lot more advertising space for the same amount of budget, giving your a greater return on investment.

The Google Display Network is massive, containing millions of sites, apps, and properties. Where exactly your ad will appear will depend on your content blocking settings, negative keywords, channels you choose to focus on, and your ad format. The most common forms of display ads will be banners, pop ups, and autoplay videos.

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