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MARKETING SERVICE | Digital Marketing Strategy Development

As the digital economy continues to grow, businesses are adapting to new ways of shaping the customer journey — from product discovery to purchase and lasting trust. With 67% of clicks going to the first 5 search results, 63% of marketers are still faced with the challenge of driving traffic and generating leads.

Faced with 40% to 70% of qualified leads that still aren’t ready to buy, it takes the right digital marketing strategy to optimize conversions. 74% of these programs drive sales — a fact that the best among hundreds of digital marketing agencies leverage to help you succeed in Toronto’s ultra-competitive market.


What is a digital marketing strategy?

With the rise of online retail and marketing channels come new opportunities to connect with customers, reach more audiences, and build lasting trust. A robust digital marketing strategy makes these possible. But what exactly is it?

A digital marketing strategy is a roadmap: it’s a series of tools and campaigns for generating leads, and driving conversions and sales across owned, paid, and earned media channels. With the right digital marketing agency , you can build a successful brand driven by a comprehensive strategy that responds to the latest trends, industry standards, and consumer preferences.

Digital marketing strategies are built with a combination of organic search engine marketing, paid ads, social media management, content marketing, and more campaign tools. At the heart of these campaigns is the goal to achieve revenue goals, promote customer retention, and build brand awareness and loyalty. Combined, a robust digital marketing strategy is the key to a strong pipeline of qualified leads, repeat purchases, and happy, loyal customers—from view to click and conversion.

Why is a digital marketing strategy important?

With the customer journey starting — and largely taking place — online, such as via search engines and social media channels, a digital marketing strategy is every brand’s #1 investment and tool for success.

Here’s why:

  • 67% of clicks go to the top 5 search results, and 72% of online marketers find the most success in content creation to drive SEO.
  • 74% of conversion rate optimization (CRO) programs increase sales but 68% of small businesses don’t have a CRO strategy.
  • Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing.
  • 57% of brands have acquired customers through blogs, resulting in 55% more web traffic .

A digital marketing strategy is an ethos — it’s a way of doing business, one that’s built on clear, strategic goals for engaging customers and building a strong click-to-sale pipeline. It’s a well-crafted solution for leading the industry and innovating the customer journey:

  • Understand your market share and customers to develop an effective value proposition
  • Establish clear, measurable goals for tracking customer engagement and revenue targets
  • Discover and leverage the right combination of tools and campaigns to fulfill brand awareness and customer retention objectives
  • Eliminate the risks of disintegration by bringing together a team of creatives, analytics experts, developers, and customer success experts for a robust and responsive strategy.

Who needs a digital marketing strategy?

The short answer is, everyone needs a digital marketing strategy. Your brand needs to be found on the digital map, with a clear path from view and click, to conversion, repeat purchases, and customer loyalty. And in ultra-competitive markets like Toronto, only brands that are visible across digital channels, keep customers engaged, and offer a strong value proposition succeed.

  • Results-driven leadership: The most successful brands are focused and results-driven, guided by metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or Cost Per Acquisition and Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to CAC. Optimal rates ensure cost-effective marketing, a high ROI, and sustainable revenue growth.
  • Strong value proposition: What are you offering customers that no one else can? A focused, well-crafted digital marketing strategy allows you to define these unique selling propositions and leverage these to capture views and clicks, and convert these to qualified leads and sales.
  • Customer analytics: Who are your customers? A robust digital marketing strategy is built on well-defined customer personas — their demographics, occupations, interests, shopping preferences, and motivations for buying, all of which inform the most effective campaigns for driving engagement and revenue.
  • Long-term growth and innovation: With an up-to-date internet marketing strategy and expert agency partner, you can put your brand on the path of innovation — the latest industry trends and standards for connecting with customers, launching new digital products and services, and measuring performance with clear KPIs.

The Consultus Digital Process

Consultus Digital is the premier digital marketing and sales enablement company in Canada. We specialize in transforming how businesses generate leads, manage sales opportunities, and increase revenue in the digital era.

7 people in a row looking at smart phones with pictures of computers and phones behind reflecting digital marketing strategy for all

Our team consists of word-class marketing experts who visualize and execute advanced lead generation strategies. We have dedicated departments for each of the major disciplines of digital marketing, enabling us to offer superior solutions.

Immerse Ourselves

One thing we’ve learned in working with hundreds of businesses is that every business is unique, which is why the first step in working with any new business is to immerse ourselves in their organization. We strive to understand everything about your business, from your revenue model to your industry, customers, growth objectives, challenges and even internal sales processes.

Some clients want to focus on new business acquisitions, while others want to focus on cross-selling or upselling existing customers, and some want to do both. Once we understand where you would like to go, we move on to building the foundation of your online presence, which is your website.

Build the Foundation

Your website is the foundation of all your online and offline marketing. A high-performing website needs to have proper site architecture and content to appease Google’s ranking algorithm. It needs to offer an amazing user experience on desktop, mobile and tablet. It needs to have unique pages dedicated to each of the services or products you’re offering and be scattered with social proof. We need to ensure it has images and videos that resonate with your consumer and has multiple calls to action throughout.

Once this is complete, we develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to drive prospective customers to your site.

Acquire Leads

Our sole focus is on performance marketing: generating more leads and sales. We drive prospective clients to your website through integrated inbound marketing strategies, which typically include; SEO, Google Ads, social media , and reputation management , to name a few.

Our solutions are bespoke to your organization and are 100% measurable. Our decisions are informed by working with hundreds of businesses whose focus is on increasing their revenue.

Sell & Modify

Once the lead is generated, we then work with our clients to ensure they’re closing leads at an optimal rate. We do this by implementing modern sales methodologies and technologies for their sales team. We look at things like lead response time, automated follow ups, and sales collateral. Essentially, we’re looking at ways to provide their customers the best buying experience possible.

As we’ll be integrated into your digital marketing and CRM sales data , we can measure the effectiveness of every campaign, and continuously evolve our strategies for optimal performance.

Is digital marketing right for your business?

Digital marketing is more than just bringing your brand online and establishing a strong digital presence. It’s a way of doing business: a 360-degree strategy for reaching customers, bringing products and services online, and building lasting trust across digital channels.

From cost-effective inbound marketing to utmost campaign flexibility and customer interactions, you need a digital marketing strategy — and the right partner agency — to usher in the future of your brand.

  • Digital is less expensive than other channels, with cost-effective rates per impression, click, and conversion.
  • Keep customers engaged on mobile with remarketing, email marketing campaigns, and social media, as well as interactive tools like comments, reviews, and replies so you’re always in front of your target audience, providing an excellent customer experience.
  • Leverage different tools and campaigns , such as search engine marketing, content marketing, paid ads, email marketing, social media and more, depending on your target audience and industry.
  • Know your customers and track their demographic and psychographic characteristics, shopping preferences, and motivations for buying to design and launch targeted campaigns for optimizing every step of the customer journey.
  • Establish your brand’s authority and industry leader status through timely content in line with the latest trends and relevant current events, and build customer trust and loyalty.

How much does digital marketing cost?

Digital marketing services are an investment: a long-term strategy for building brand awareness, optimizing the customer experience, and driving revenue across digital channels. The right combination of your digital marketing agency’s expertise and an optimal pricing model delivers reliable results.

Track every dollar well-spent and invested into a finely crafted strategy that converts clicks to sales, retention, and maximum customer value:

  • Agency experience: With hundreds of digital marketing agencies in Toronto, the best choice is one that brings not just years of experience, but recognition and results. Choose an agency that’s a Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, TikTok Partner , and more, with a strong portfolio — certified experts in the latest, most popular tools designed to deliver winning results.
  • Company size and industry: Are you a small business or a major industry player? Who are your competitors and how big is your market share? The cost of digital marketing services vary based on these factors and your budget, with the goal of maximum impact and ROI.
  • Strategy and services: Your digital marketing strategy is composed of various agency services, such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing , and social media management. Your strategy should be unique — crafted with a combination of tools and campaigns to reach your target audience.
  • Timeline: Digital marketing is an investment, and like any worthy investment, requires a timeline for seeing results. A higher budget may allow you to expedite results, but keep in mind that long-term growth is all about sustainability.

What can you expect from a digital marketing strategy?

There’s no better measure of a digital marketing strategy than seeing it works. From increased traffic and clicks, to qualified leads, purchases, and customer loyalty, it takes a trusted, industry-leading digital marketing agency to deliver these results, and more.

  • Relevant traffic: It’s easy to boost website traffic, but are visitors staying onsite and moving along the customer journey? Effective digital marketing services are built to convert, starting with relevant traffic sources, and productive channels.
  • Customer value: Not all traffic converts, but relevant traffic equates to qualified leads—customers ready to buy and trust your brand for repeat purchases, resulting in long-term loyalty and maximum lifetime value.
  • Tracking and analytics: It’s all in the numbers. Digital marketing is results-driven, with clear metrics like website traffic, qualified leads, conversions, and revenue. Track these goals with website and social media analytics using clear indicators for customers’ movement along the sales funnel.
  • Platforms and demographics: How are you reaching target audiences and connecting with customers? A focused, well-crafted digital marketing strategy is built on leveraging the right platforms for your customer demographics, ensuring that your brand always stays in front of them with value-added content and timely promotions.

How can you tell a good digital marketing strategy from a bad strategy?

In today’s digital economy, the most successful brands are powered by the most innovative, industry-leading digital marketing strategies. With the right partner agency, you can craft a roadmap for increased clicks and sales using the latest tools and forward-thinking campaigns. The best part is, your digital marketing strategy runs smoothly while you focus on what you do best.

  • Relevant traffic and qualified leads: Any digital marketing agency can boost traffic and across your brand’s digital channels, but only the most sustainable strategy results in relevant traffic and qualified leads. Solid leads ensure conversions and revenue, enabled by a clear sales funnel from search engine or social feed visibility and click, to purchase.
  • Clear lead attribution: An effective, data-driven digital marketing strategy clearly indicates traffic sources and campaign performance across channels. You should also be able to track audience demographics to ensure they are your target audience and count as qualified leads. Based on these, you can optimize campaigns and allocate a higher marketing spend on the most productive channels or target expansions.
  • Optimal click-through rates: The best-performing campaigns have high click-through rates, indicating enhanced audience targeting and effective messaging. Combined, these move the customer journey along from impression to click and conversion.
  • Audit and optimization: Your digital marketing strategy is ever evolving in line with the latest industry trends and consumer preferences. A reputable digital marketing agency will consistently report on your KPIs, audit your digital channels and strategy, and provide expert recommendations for boosting current campaigns and launching new promotions to keep customers engaged and reach new audiences.

What to Look for When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

There may be hundreds of digital marketing agencies in Toronto to choose from, to some success. But only the best deliver a custom-crafted, data-driven strategy, unparalleled industry expertise, and a seamless client experience — all towards your brand’s sustainable growth.

  • Latest tools and techniques: Your digital marketing agency should be an industry leader, on top of the latest algorithm and ranking updates, tools, campaigns, and trends. They combine technical and creative expertise in leveraging staples like SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, social media management, and more.
  • Full-service agency: Agencies offer a wide range of services executed by various specialists. The best value for your digital marketing budget comes from a custom-crafted full-service strategy that combines various marketing channels, tools, and campaigns to drive traffic, engagement, and revenue.
  • Portfolio: The most reputable digital marketing agencies have a strong track record to show for their expertise. Browse your agency’s portfolio of case studies to discover their approach to effective digital marketing. Check out the results they’ve delivered for countless brands like yours, from increased impressions and qualified leads, to maximum customer lifetime value and loyalty, reviews and ratings, and brand awareness.
  • Thought leadership and innovation: To deliver results for brands, digital marketing agencies need to start with their own. Browse their digital channels to see the content they publish and engagement metrics, reviews and testimonials from other clients, and rankings and performance compared to competitors. All of these should indicate all-star performance — the same you can expect for your brand.
  • Measurable goals: A trusted agency provides consistent, timely reports on established KPIs, with expert recommendations for campaign optimization and future strategy improvements. These goals should be measurable and attainable — first-page search rankings, technical SEO health, high email open rates, and growing social media engagement.

How to Tell if Your Digital Marketing Agency is Doing a Good Job

Think of your agency as a partner: a trusted collaborator and expert resource dedicated to designing a highly impactful, rewarding, and evolving digital marketing ethos.

  • Custom-crafted package: Your digital marketing strategy should be as unique as your brand — fully tailored to your company size, unique offerings, industry, and market share. No cookie-cutter solutions, period. Grow your digital footprint with a personalized strategy deployed across the most important platforms for connecting with your customers.
  • Variety of platforms and services: There’s more to digital marketing than social media or achieving first-page rankings. It takes a combination of digital marketing services and platforms to reach your target audience, promote your brand, and build a strong sales funnel from click to conversion.
  • Success metrics: There’s no clearer indicator of a successful digital marketing strategy than traffic — quality and relevant, poised to convert views to leads and revenue. With higher website traffic and a growing social media follower count should come more sales and more happy, loyal customers.
  • Transparency and accountability: Get clear answers on campaign status, deliverables, and updates to your overall strategy and performance. From transparent analytics reporting, to expert recommendations, your digital marketing agency should be a leader in client service and satisfaction — and a trusted partner for years to come.

What happens to my current digital marketing service if I change providers?

Making the smart switch to a better, more reputable and experienced digital marketing agency? Things should only get better from here — seamless and results-driven.

See how:

  • Timing: Choose your timing wisely to avoid switching in the middle of a major campaign. Minimizing disruptions to your current digital marketing strategy and services ensures a smooth and fresh start that keeps current traffic and engagement stable.
  • Review your contract: Make sure you’re not locked into a service term, and make the switch as soon as the current contract or billing cycle expires to avoid a breach of contract and difficulties with transitioning your digital assets.
  • Audit your assets: Make sure you own all your digital assets, such as social media profiles and ad accounts. Review current permissions and update access controls to remove your old provider, and grant access to your new digital marketing agency to resume and refresh your marketing strategy.

What other services complement digital marketing strategy development?

Your digital marketing strategy is a roadmap for building your brand across digital channels, engaging customers, and deriving value from each view and click. It’s composed of a wide range of internet marketing services custom-tailored and crafted into one cohesive framework for success. Build your digital marketing strategy with these services:

  • Google Ads Management: Gain a competitive edge with pay-per-click Google ads and Facebook ads for increased search engine and social media visibility. Stay on top of search and social feeds with brand awareness campaigns and limited time offers designed for increased audience engagement and clicks.
  • SEO: A core part of every digital marketing strategy, SEO is the key to ranking on the first page of competitive searches and capturing relevant website traffic. Meet customers at the start of their shopping journey, and create a strong sales funnel from search to click and purchase.
  • Content Marketing: Keep audiences engaged with value-added content , such as blogs and how-to guides. Nurture leads and existing customer relationships with trustworthy product or service information, news, trends, and more—a trademark of thought leadership and industry expertise.
  • Social Media Management: From content publishing to audience engagement and customer support, curate an active social media presence and run timely ads that boost product discovery and build customer loyalty.
  • Website development: The backbone of every digital marketing strategy, build or refresh your website — your digital storefront and portfolio. Launch with a modern, professional design that highlights your brand, and create a seamless user experience that targets crucial conversion actions.

Why choose Consultus Digital as your digital marketing agency?

At Consultus Digital , we’re more than a digital marketing service provider. We’re your partner — a team of experts that operate seamlessly like in-house experts, and a trusted resource for the latest marketing trends and solutions.

We built our digital marketing agency on collaborative relationships: you tell us your business needs, and together, we set clear goals for enhancing your digital footprint across Toronto’s competitive market. Our promise is a sustainable, custom-crafted digital marketing strategy that evolves with your brand, customers’ needs, and industry standards. Discover the Consultus Digital difference.

  • Certified industry leaders: At Consultus Digital, we take pride in being industry leaders. It’s at the heart of our drive to make you one with a digital marketing strategy uniquely crafted for your brand. We are a Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner , Shopify Partner, TikTok Partner, and more — industry distinctions we earned from our unparalleled digital marketing expertise.
  • Verified portfolio: We walk the talk — and have the stories and data to prove it. Check out our portfolio of satisfied clients and their testimonials, and our portfolio of case studies, industry-leading digital marketing campaigns, and forward-thinking marketing, advertising, and sales insights.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: At the heart of every successful digital marketing strategy we’ve launched is a deep commitment to client service and satisfaction. That’s why we assign a dedicated account manager to collaborate with you at every step. From quick response times to transparent reporting and expert recommendations, you can count on your Consultus Digital account manager to execute, and keep innovating your strategy.
  • Industry-leading tools and processes: Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and so should your strategy. At Consultus Digital, we’re always thinking ahead to future-proof your brand using the latest marketing tools and techniques. With constant optimization and testing, you can count on us to launch the most innovative campaigns that keep customers loyal, and new markets and audience segments engaged.

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